Dwelling in a private house is very convenient. We don’t need to share our wall with disturbing neighbors, often we may use our private backyard in time of summer days.

Insulate the whole house for good

Dwelling in a separate house is really convenient. We do not have to share a wall with annoying neighbors, often we may enjoy our private backyard during sunny days.

Beside, we got much more rooms for us, we may design a library for example. However unfortunately separate home, especially when it’s older, cost a lot more, the most we are spending on heating. That’s why You better insulate entire building.

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There are a lot options for us to check, if we try all we will earn a total success. First level of insulation are the windows, if we still own old, wooden ones, we have to exchange it immediately. PCV windows are not very expensive so we should try it. Another thing to proceed is to protect the roof, cause plenty of warm air is leaking trough it. We have to cover it with hi-tech tilling, thanks to that we wouldn’t need to be worry about rain or winter. Last and very essential option is to protect the facades of house. If it was created of bricks it probably has many of holes between. When You don’t want to change the facade, You should use inside insulation. There’re innovate materials affordable right now. You’re protecting all the surfaces with foams, that are keeping hot air into the home. Of course when You like to use all this options it will cost You much. But remember, You do not have to do each thing in one month, also You may take a loan in Your bank. Entire cost will pay back within couple years, in smaller heating bills, it is guaranteed.

Poland isn’t as cool as it were couple decades earlier, but still winters can be really chill. That’s why You should insulate the house to save some money on heating. Old buildings are really pretty but also impractical.