BMW is a expert company which goal is to create the most present and comfortable cars in the same time. The brand is popular of its superiority and accuracy during producing. Furthermore, the BMW vehicles are also very lasting and you can still see the BMW cars which are more than twenty years at the streets.

BMW equipment which can change your automobile in future.

BMW is a expert company which aim is to provide the most modern and comfy vehicles in the same time. The brand is popular of its superiority and precision during manufacturing. Moreover, the BMW autos are also quite durable and you can still see the BMW vehicles which are more than twenty years at the streets.

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That article will show the device which can change the use of the vehicle completely. It is named bmw rear view camera retrofit (more). It is one of the latest bmw apps presented for the cars which were produced after year 2000.

What is the BMW app and how does it function?

It is a device which will assist you to put your car quicker and carefully. The device is equipped with the certain screen which demonstrate the current area around the vehicle. If you choose the front cams, the put help will show you the practical strips which will let you to park the car fast.

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The driver only has to follow them and the park will be completed sooner and stress free.

Here are displayed many helpful functions of the bmw apps retrofit.

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• Active parking lines – the lines are modifying corresponding to the move of the vehicle. Moreover, the producer has used also various colors which can make the park quicker. If you are near to obstacles, the color changes into purple.• Put and Play set up – the set up is idiotic easy. You need just plug it and it will install automatically. It can be finished even by unskilled people.

• Trunk manage attached cam – thanks the cam you can see what is taking place near your car. It can assistance you to avoid crashes and damage the vehicle.
• Top excellence of photograph – while the camera is little as well as the monitor, you can see everything very clearly because of top excellence of image.
• Optional car parking lines – the lines will help you to put the automobile even in the tiniest place. The application calculates how much space you need and if the driver uses the line, he or she will park the car without any problems.